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Applied General Topology - Vol 20, No 1 (2019)

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Applied General Topology - Vol 20, No 1 (2019)


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  • Common fixed points for generalized ψ-contractions in weak non-Archimedean fuzzy metric spaces
  • A note on measure and expansiveness on uniform spaces
  • When is X × Y homeomorphic to X ×l Y?
  • Approximation of common fixed points in 2-Banach spaces with applications
  • Infinite games and quasi-uniform box products
  • On monotonous separately continuous functions
  • Fixed point results concerning α-F-contraction mappings in metric spaces
  • F-n-resolvable spaces and compactifications
  • A class of ideals in intermediate rings of continuous functions
  • Existence ofixed points for pointwise eventually asymptotically nonexpansive mappings
  • Remarks on fixed point assertions in digital topology
  • Remarks on fixed point assertions in digital topology, 2
  • Cauchy action on filter spaces
  • A viscosity iterative technique for equilibrium and fixed point problems in a Hadamard space
  • Generic theorems in the theory of cardinal invariants of topological spaces
  • A non-discrete space X with Cp(X) Menger at infinity
  • When is the super socle of C(X) prime?
  • On rings of Baire one functions
  • Exact computation for existence of a knot counterexample
  • A quantitative version of the Arzelà-Ascoli theorem based on the degree of nondensifiability and applications
  • Existence and convergence results for a class of nonexpansive type mappings in hyperbolic spaces
  • Extremal balleans

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