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Welcome to RiuNet

RiuNet is the institutional repository of the Politechnical University of Valencia - UPV, managed by the Library, whose objective is to offer Internet access for university's scientific, academic and corporate university in order to increase their visibility and make it accessible and preservable. RiuNet reflects the commitment of the University within the framework of the Initiative for the Budapest Open Accessfrom joining the Berlin Declaration and Institutional Policy on Open Access.

RiuNet is intended to save the University community's production, personal or institutional, in collections. These can be made up of different types of documents such as Objects of learning (Polimedia, virtual labs and educational articles), theses, journal articles, maps, scholary works, creative works, institutional heritage, multimedia, teaching material, institutional production, electronic journals and conference proceedings.

For any request contact with PoliSolicita RiuNet.

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