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Virtual Archaeology Review - Vol 05, No 11 (2014)

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Virtual Archaeology Review - Vol 05, No 11 (2014)


Tabla de contenidos

  • Architectural Theory and Graphical Criteria for Modelling Certain Late Gothic Projects by Hernan Ruiz "the Elder"
  • Engineering at the service of history: Paleolithic invisible images
  • Methodological proposal for the volumetric study of archaeological ceramics through 3D edition free-software programs: the case of the celtiberians cemeteries of the meseta
  • Reconstruction of the interior of the Saint Salvator abbey of Ename around 1290
  • Digital surveying and new perspectives on the Byzantine Oratory of the Catacomb of Saint Lucia in Syracuse
  • Analyzing Cultural Heritage by unmanned flights: new strategies researching rural and urban spaces
  • Virtual reconstruction of old implements by rendering and 3D modeling: Ergonomic study
  • The paramental study on the Model of Information of Historic Building or "HBIM Project"
  • Virtual Archaeology applied to the site Villavil, Catamarca, Argentina
  • PLAYHIST: Playing with History. Transformation of interactive film in serious game for learning
  • Virtual animations applied to diffusion of architectural heritage. The village of Agreda (Soria)
  • The virtual museum of Stećci

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