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Virtual Archaeology Review - Vol 05, No 10 (2014)

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Virtual Archaeology Review - Vol 05, No 10 (2014)


Tabla de contenidos

  • Virtual Archaeology in an argentina colonial estancia
  • “Involuntary Photogrammetry”: rescuing 3D geometric information from library pictures
  • The Idaho Virtualization Laboratory 3D Pipeline
  • GIS applications in the geoarchaeological characterization of the Paleolithic site of Las Delicias (Madrid, Spain) and 3D representation of results
  • Together again: the link between transnational ties and photo archiving among Ghanaian families
  • Combination of low cost terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry: three-dimensional survey of the church of San Miguel in Ágreda (Soria)
  • Color enhanced pipelines for reality-based 3D modeling of on site medium sized archeological artifacts
  • The Digitalized Protection and Inheritance of the Woodblock Printing Called “Jinling Sutra Printing”
  • Digital methodologies for surveying and enhancement of hypogeous cultural heritage
  • Cross-media enhancement of Italian archaeological museum collections
  • ‘Out of the box’: exploring the 3D modelling potential of ancient image archives
  • Visual reconstruction of Hampi Temple - Construed Graphically, Pictorially and Digitally
  • An Investigation of Shear Wall of Moen-Jo-Daro Using Mechanical Properties
  • Virtual Restoration of the Roman wall of León: a diachronic view
  • The basilica of Santa Maria de Oviedo: from royal Pantheon to double cathedral. Restitution Hypothesis based on compositional and metrological analysis

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