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A survey on elasticity management in PaaS systems

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A survey on elasticity management in PaaS systems

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Muñoz-Escoí, FD.; Bernabeu Aubán, JM. (2017). A survey on elasticity management in PaaS systems. Computing. 99(7):617-656. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00607-016-0507-8

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Title: A survey on elasticity management in PaaS systems
Author: Muñoz-Escoí, Francesc D. Bernabeu Aubán, José Manuel
UPV Unit: Universitat Politècnica de València. Departamento de Sistemas Informáticos y Computación - Departament de Sistemes Informàtics i Computació
Issued date:
[EN] Elasticity is a goal of cloud computing. An elastic system should manage in an autonomic way its resources, being adaptive to dynamic workloads, allocating additional resources when workload is increased and deallocating ...[+]
Subjects: Cloud computing , Scalability , Adaptability , Elasticity , Service level agreement , PaaS , Workload prediction , Reactive management
Copyrigths: Reserva de todos los derechos
Computing. (issn: 0010-485X )
DOI: 10.1007/s00607-016-0507-8
Publisher version: https://doi.org/10.1007/s00607-016-0507-8
Project ID:
This work has been partially supported by EU FEDER and Spanish MINECO under research Grant TIN2012-37719-C03-01.
Type: Artículo


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