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Revista de Teledetección - Núm. 57 (2020)

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Revista de Teledetección - Núm. 57 (2020)


Tabla de contenidos

Artículos de investigación

  • Monitoring of atmospheric methane and nitrous oxide concentrations from Metop/IASI
  • Comparison of OMI-DOAS total ozone column with ground-based measurements in Argentina
  • Vegetation phenology from satellite imagery: the case of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands (2001-2017)
  • Evaluation of four classification algorithms of Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 satellite images to identify forest cover in highly fragmented regions in Costa Rica

Casos prácticos

  • Spatial and temporal analysis of surface temperature in the Apacheta micro-basin using Landsat thermal data
  • Structural connectivity between the Páramos of Guacheneque and Los Cristales, Rabanal-Río Bogotá complex, Colombia
  • Damage Assessment and Recovery Mapping for the "Las Peñuelas" Wildfire, Moguer (Huelva). Satellite Imagery. Year 2017

Tesis doctorales

  • Processing and analysis of airborne full-waveform laser scanning data for the characterization of forest structure and fuel properties

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