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Conceptual Characterization of Cybersecurity Ontologies

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Conceptual Characterization of Cybersecurity Ontologies

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Martins, BF.; Serrano-Gil, LJ.; Reyes Román, JF.; Panach, JI.; Pastor López, O.; Rochwerger, B. (2020). Conceptual Characterization of Cybersecurity Ontologies. Springer. 323-338. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-63479-7_22

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Title: Conceptual Characterization of Cybersecurity Ontologies
Author: Martins, Beatriz F. Serrano-Gil, Lenin Javier REYES ROMÁN, JOSÉ FABIÁN Panach, José Ignacio Pastor López, Oscar Rochwerger, Benny
UPV Unit: Universitat Politècnica de València. Departamento de Sistemas Informáticos y Computación - Departament de Sistemes Informàtics i Computació
Universitat Politècnica de València. Centro de Investigación en Métodos de Producción de Software - Centre d'Investigació en Mètodes de Producció de Software
Issued date:
[EN] Cybersecurity is known as the practice of protecting systems from digital attacks. Organizations are seeking efficient solutions for the management and protection of their assets. It is a complex issue, especially for ...[+]
Subjects: Cybersecurity , Ontology , Knowledge graphs , Organizations , Enterprise architecture
Copyrigths: Reserva de todos los derechos
ISBN: 978-3-030-63479-7
The Practice of Enterprise Modeling. 13th IFIP Working Conference, PoEM 2020, Riga, Latvia, November 25-27, 2020, Proceedings. (issn: 1865-1356 )
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-63479-7_22
Publisher version: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-63479-7_22
Conference name: 13th IFIP WG 8.1 working conference on the Practice of Enterprise Modelling (PoEM 2020)
Conference place: Riga, Latvia
Conference date: Noviembre 25-27,2020
Series: Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing;400
Type: Comunicación en congreso Artículo Capítulo de libro


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