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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 20 (4)-2012

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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 20 (4)-2012


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  • Sodium butyrate in growing and fattening diets for early-weaned rabbits
  • Nutritive value of sun-dried Pueraria phaseoloides for rabbits under tropical conditions
  • Characteristics of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from acute, sub-acute and sub-clinical staphylococcosis in rabbits
  • Activity of diclazuril against coccidiosis in growing rabbits: experimental and field experiences
  • Description of nestbox visits and suckling events in a group housing system for rabbit does as compared to individual cages
  • Morphology, chemical composition, and bacterial concentration of airborne particulate matter in rabbit farms
  • Normal values of haematological and some biochemical parameters in serum and urine of New Zealand White rabbits

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