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VLC arquitectura. Research Journal - Vol. 09, núm. 1 (2022)

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VLC arquitectura. Research Journal - Vol. 09, núm. 1 (2022)


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Artículos de investigación

  • The body and death in the drawings of Aldo Rossi and their literary references
  • Nordic Memories of the East. Tetsuro Yoshida and the myth of traditional Japanese house in Erik Gunnar Asplund, Aino Aalto and Alvar Aalto
  • Spatial construction through the collection: The house of Sir John Soane
  • Antonio Bonet. Esplanades and patios
  • The Representation of the Limit in Wim Wenders’ The Wings of Desire
  • Centraal Beheer. An instrument in the process of human awareness
  • Félix Candela and Fernando Higueras. Eight years and seven projects in common
  • Urban Hostels. Camping in an indoor landscape. Barcelona as case study
  • Levels of sustainability in the work of Lina Bo Bardi
  • The towers of the Spanish optical telegraph. Antecedents and variants of the architectural type

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