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VLC arquitectura. Research Journal - Vol. 10, núm. 1 (2023)

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VLC arquitectura. Research Journal - Vol. 10, núm. 1 (2023)


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Artículos de investigación

  • The light-frame construction as a design resource in the work of Frank O. Gehry (1978-1997)
  • Topology of the intermediate space. The work of landscape architect Jussi Jännes in Tapiola
  • Temporary distancing. Garden of the Angels by John Hejduk in Riga
  • The churches of Julián Laguna in Madrid (1958). Four projects and one hypothesis
  • Color and artistic expression through architectural ceramics in the last stage of Oscar Niemeyer’s work
  • “A sum of possibles.” Eileen Gray and the overcoming of Modernist design
  • Geometric patterns in the carpentry of palaces in Valencia: a study of tessellations
  • Dignifying Building Heritage: Essential Interventions in the Wall of Lugo
  • The chronological footprint of the ‘Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo’: Spatial geometry and time
  • The architecture Bauhausbücher. Reflexive artisanility and reconstruction of links

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