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VLC arquitectura. Research Journal - Vol. 10, núm. 2 (2023)

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VLC arquitectura. Research Journal - Vol. 10, núm. 2 (2023)


Tabla de contenidos


  • Editorial VLC#10.2
  • Editorial Findings in Architectural Graphic Expression

Artículos de investigación

  • The Wall Unit System designed by Konrad Wachsmann. Mobility of Elements
  • The original set designs for Bodas de sangre and Yerma: written and built spaces
  • The oscillation between “becoming-tool” and “becoming-prosthesis” in architectural designs
  • The urban planning of the Muslim Valencia through the Llibre del Repartiment
  • Enclosed by images. Insights, relationships, and information
  • Designing a cross for the top of the Tower of Jesus Christ in the expiatory temple of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia (Holy Family)
  • Experiences of the INCLUDEC-UDEC program, construction of inclusive policies and practices

Findings in...

  • Documenting, studying and disseminating heritage: Opportunities, criteria, and challenges
  • Graphic Reconstitution and urban shape: Rediscovering Old Towns
  • Research applied to the field of architectural graphic expression through digital means. Reference framework and roadmap
  • Architectural drawing. Language of thought and construction. Past, present and future
  • Architectural Graphic Expression Bibliography 2017-2022
  • A contemporary approach to the graphic representation of the urban experience

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