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Revista de Teledetección - Núm. 42 (2014)

RiuNet: Institutional repository of the Polithecnic University of Valencia

Revista de Teledetección - Núm. 42 (2014)


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Research articles

  • Spatial distribution of the uncertainty in land cover maps obtained from remote sensing
  • Methodology for the detection of land cover changes in time series of daily satellite images. Application to burned area detection
  • Vegetation vulnerability to drought in Spain
  • Weed mapping in early-season sunflower fields using images from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
  • Herbaceous biomass estimation using hyperspectral data, PLS regression and continuum removal transformation
  • fAPAR estimates over the Iberian Peninsula by the inversion of the 4SAIL 2 radiative transfer model
  • Evaluation of the different spectral indices to map biocrust using spectral information
  • Analysis of the topographic effect on the radiometric correction of MERIS images

Practical cases

  • RSR Calculator, a tool for the Calibration / Validation activities

Doctoral theses

  • Retrieval and assessment of CO2 uptake by mediterranean ecosystems using remote sensing and meteorological data

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