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Virtual Archaeology Review - Vol 08, No 16 (2017)

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Virtual Archaeology Review - Vol 08, No 16 (2017)


Tabla de contenidos

  • 3D mass digitization: a milestone for archeological documentation
  • Designing natural gesture interaction for archaeological data in immersive environments
  • Digital preservation of cultural and scientific heritage: involving university students to raise awareness of its importance
  • Authenticity through VR-based documentation of cultural heritage. A theoretical approach based on conservation and documentation practices
  • A perspective on procedural modeling based on structural analysis
  • 3D model as a dynamic compilation of knowledge: interim results on the city of Alet
  • Paleotopographical virtual reconstruction of the historic city of Cartagena (Spain)
  • Phenomenological classification of cultural heritage: role of virtual reality
  • 3D virtual reconstruction and visualisation of the archaeological site Castellet de Bernabé (Llíria, Spain)
  • UAV oblique photogrammetry and lidar data acquisition for 3D documentation of the Hercules Fountain
  • Getting to the point: making, wayfaring, loss and memory as meaning-making in virtual archaeology
  • Making 3D implants for conservation and restoration of archaeological glass

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