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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 16 (2)-2008

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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 16 (2)-2008


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  • Influence of different eCG doses on sexual receptivity and productivity of rabbit does.
  • Influence of different eCG doses on the rabbit doe ovary response, fertilising aptitude and embryo development.
  • Influence of transport duration and season on sensory meat quality in rabbits.
  • Effect of cage density on growth and carcass performance of fattening rabbits under tropical heat stress conditions.
  • The effects of the complete replacement of barley and soybean meal with hard wheat by-products on diet digestibility, growth and slaughter traits of a local Algerian rabbit population.
  • Study on the factors affecting carcass traits of broiler rabbits in eastern Himalayan region of India.
  • Abstracts of the Giornate di Coniglicoltura ASIC 2007.
  • Abstracts of the 12e Journées de la Recherche Cunicole.

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