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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 18 (1)-2010

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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 18 (1)-2010


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  • In vitro fermentation of different commercially available pectins using inoculum from rabbit caecum
  • Effect of mannan oligosaccharides on rabbit performance, digestibility and rectal Bacterial anaerobic populations during an episode of epizootic rabbit enteropathy
  • Nutritive value of sun-dried grape pomace, incorporated at a low level in complete feed for the rabbit bred under Magrebian conditions
  • Genetic trend in selection for litter weight in two maternal lines of rabbits in Egypt
  • Short communication: Mutual olfactory relationships in rabbits raised in individual cages
  • Abstracts of the 21st Hungary conference on rabbit production
  • Abstracts of the XXXIV Symposium de cunicultura de ASESCU

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