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Material-driven fibronectin fibrillogenesis to engineer cell function.

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Material-driven fibronectin fibrillogenesis to engineer cell function.

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Llopis Hernández, V. (2017). Material-driven fibronectin fibrillogenesis to engineer cell function [Tesis doctoral no publicada]. Universitat Politècnica de València. doi:10.4995/Thesis/10251/90412

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Title: Material-driven fibronectin fibrillogenesis to engineer cell function.
Director(s): Rico Tortosa, Patricia María Salmerón Sánchez, Manuel
UPV Unit: Universitat Politècnica de València. Departamento de Biotecnología - Departament de Biotecnologia
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This thesis ventures with the extracellular matrix protein (ECM) fibronectin (FN) as an interface protein in the interaction between cells and materials to design microenvironment for future use in tissue engineering. It ...[+]

En esta tesis se estudia la interacción de una proteina de la matriz extracelular, fibronectina (FN) como interfase en la interacción entre células y materiales, para diseñar microambientes con el propósito de ser usados ...[+]

En aquesta tesi s'estudia la interacció entre una proteïna de la matriu extracel.lular, fibronectina (FN) com interfase en la interaccio entre cèl·lules i materials, per a dissenyar microambients amb el propòsit d'utilitzar-se ...[+]
Subjects: Cell-protein-material interactions , Protein adsorption , Fibronectin , Cell adhesion , Fibronectin reorganization , Cell differentiation , Surface properties , Mensenquimal stem cell , BMP-2 , Extracellular matrix degradation , Extracellular matrix reorganization , Self-assembled monolayers , Dendritic cells
Copyrigths: Reserva de todos los derechos
DOI: 10.4995/Thesis/10251/90412
Type: Tesis doctoral

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