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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 16 (4)-2008

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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 16 (4)-2008


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  • Letter from editor: World Rabbit Science website. Setting new standards in rabbit science
  • In vitro analysis, an accurate tool to estimate dry matter digestibility in rabbits. Intra- and inter- laboratory variability
  • Experimental balance to estimate efficiency in the use of nitrogen in rabbit breeding
  • Native immunity and oxidative traits of growing rabbits
  • The Tunisian traditional rabbit breeding system versus the commercial system: an epidemiological perspective
  • The effect of transport time, season and position on the truck on stress response in rabbits
  • Wooden sticks as environmental enrichment: effect on fattening and carcass traits of individually housed growing rabbits
  • Abstracts of the XXXIII Symposium of ASESCU

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