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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 18 (4)-2010

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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 18 (4)-2010


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  • Clinical, pathological and microbiological profiles of spontaneous enteropathies in growing rabbits
  • Effect of dietary soluble fibre level and protein source on growth, digestion, caecal activity and health of fattening rabbits
  • Effect of early feed restriction on performance and health status in growing rabbits slaughtered at 2 kg live-weight
  • Preslaughter risk factors associated with mortality and bruising in rabbits
  • Metabolic adaptations in neonatal mother-deprived rabbits
  • Use of straw and wood shavings as nest material in primiparous does
  • Effect of housing system (wire cage versus group-housing) and in-house air quality parameters on the behaviour of fattening rabbits
  • Book Review. Nutrition of the Rabbit (2nd Ed.)

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