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Loggia, Arquitectura & Restauración - No 21 (2008)

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Loggia, Arquitectura & Restauración - No 21 (2008)


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  • Alejandro Ferrant Vázquez & Manuel Gómez-Moreno: Application of the scientific method of knowledge of the CEH to the restoration of monuments
  • Reconstruction of Berlin, in search of a new identity
  • Reconstruction of Munich, tradition and renovation
  • Image & construction. The restoration of monuments in Italyʼs postwar reconstruction programme
  • Reconstruction of Warsaw after World War II
  • Reconstruction of Venzone Cathedral after the earthquake
  • Restoration of Le Peuple in Brussels as Casa de Asturias.
  • Restoration of the medieval bridge on the río de las truchas
  • Rehabimed, faith in rehabilitation in the Mediterranean area

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