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Virtual Archaeology Review - Vol 04, No 09 (2013)

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Virtual Archaeology Review - Vol 04, No 09 (2013)


Tabla de contenidos

  • Towards a model for Heritage Information. Model Generation of Immovable Heritage at the time of Their Legal Protection
  • The Form of the Early Church of San Juan Bautista de Oviedo: Analysis and Contextualization of Archaeological Remains Through the use of Computer Graphics
  • Proposal for the virtual and material reconstruction through anastylosis of the archaeological remains of the Patio of the Renaissance Palace of the Ambassador Vich in Valencia, Spain
  • Virtual Reconstruction of the Medieval Palace of Pedro I in the Royal Alcázares of Seville: The Architect's Cut
  • The virtual reconstruction of the andalusian palace of Onda (Castellón): Architecture and Territory
  • Augmented Reality System for the musealization of archaeological sites
  • Lost Cities, Recovered Cities: Technology in the Service of the Past
  • Virtual Reconstruction of Roman Household Furniture Using Ancient Sources
  • The scientific method applied to the reconstructive hypothesis
  • Architectural heritage 3D and semantic information visualization based on open standards
  • Recreation of architectural structures using procedural modeling based on volumes
  • Combining classical metrology models
  • A Virtual Reconstruction Methodology for Archaeological Heritage in East Asia – Practical Experience from the Re-relic Program in China
  • Towards a three-dimensional reconstruction of decorated hispanic terra sigillata and pottery molds from the pottery workshop at Villares de Andújar (Jaén)
  • The Sanctuary of Jupiter Anxur in Terracina: a typological reconstruction as an aid for on site visits
  • The Porta Principalis Sinistra of the VII Gemina Legion Camp in Leon: From Archaeological Intervention to Virtual Reconstruction
  • Low cost image-based modeling techniques for archaeological heritage digitalization: more than just a good tool for 3d visualization?
  • Scientific drawing: an introduction to drawing as a language in fieldwork
  • The Recovery and Restoration of Roman Wall Paintings in Southeast Spain
  • Virtual visualization of La Quintilla
  • An Appeal for heritage interpretation and accessibility. Immersive and interactive virtual reality tours for mobile devices
  • Infographical Reconstruction of the Northern Necropolis of the City of Onoba
  • Procedural modeling historical buildings for serious games
  • Motivational Rehabilitation using Serious Games
  • Serious Games Network
  • Virtual reconstruction of the roman villa in La Quintilla (Lorca) based on the existing physical evidence and related scientific comparisons as a reference
  • Medieval Victoria-Gasteiz Interaction between virtual and augmented reality in the 16th century
  • PotuGame: A video game for learning about university
  • The London Charter and the Seville Principles as sources of requirements for e-archaeology systems development purposes
  • Methodological proposal to generate interactive virtual walkthrough
  • Computer Simulation of Multidimensional Archaeological Artefacts

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