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Virtual Archaeology Review - Vol 12, No 24 (2021)

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Virtual Archaeology Review - Vol 12, No 24 (2021)


Tabla de contenidos

  • Shedding light on pre-Columbian crania collections through state-of-the-art 3D scanning techniques
  • Seeking a common ground for the Nautical Archaeology Digital Library (NADL). Reflections on science, method, theory and templates
  • Mo.Se.: Mosaic image segmentation based on deep cascading learning
  • A theatrical double-faced mask preserved at the Museum of Lipari (Messina): study and 3D reconstruction through portable equipment
  • HBIM approach to implement the historical and constructive knowledge. The case of the Real Colegiata of San Isidoro (León, Spain)
  • Purposing aesthetics in historic preservation: advocating, signifying, and interpreting aesthetics
  • Interactive virtual representation of the disappeared convent of El Carmen (Logroño) generated from a paper craft model
  • Burial architecture. 3D dissemination study for a selection of Byzantine graves
  • House of Samarin, a damaged rock carving station. Documentation, analysis and diagnosis in Los Llanos de Ifara, Granadilla, Tenerife
  • 3D documentation for the conservation of historical heritage: the Castle of Priego de Córdoba (Spain)

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