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VLC arquitectura. Research Journal - Vol. 09, núm. 2 (2022)

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VLC arquitectura. Research Journal - Vol. 09, núm. 2 (2022)


Tabla de contenidos


  • Editorial
  • Editorial Findings in Urbanism

Artículos de investigación

  • The architectural project as an impulse for standard furniture
  • The time trap in the epistemology of the contemporary project
  • Barragán & his generation in Guadalajara: the house, the patio and the garden
  • David Haid and the Mannheim Theater of Mies van der Rohe
  • Structure and Space. The Headquarters of Seville Electricity Company
  • An Avant-garde house for Dr. López-Trigo (1934). Architect, A. Gómez Davó
  • Energy and comfort. The historical evolution of the façade in Western Architecture

Findings in...

  • Reclaiming Urbanism (despite everything…)
  • The Instituto Universitario de Urbanística (1991-2021): building a research culture
  • On Urban planning Theories, Urban Regeneration and Open Spaces. Explorations by PUPC
  • Rethinking the future of rural territories. Five perspectives of approach
  • The urban impact of COVID-19: six neighbourhoods, three cities and three countries in social network data
  • The role of planning in building typology characterisation

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