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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 30 (4)-2022

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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 30 (4)-2022


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  • Factors affecting French rabbit farmers’ adoption of pro-welfare innovations


  • Dietary inclusion of fermented ginger straw effect on the growth performance, gastrointestinal tract development and caecal fermentation of fattening rabbits
  • Can copper amino acid chelates reduce the physiological strain of growing rabbits under summer conditions?


  • Changes of oxidant-antioxidant parameters in small intestines from rabbits infected with E. intestinalis and E. magna


  • Antimicrobials in a rabbit semen extender: effects on reproduction
  • Comparative evaluation of solvent extracts of Azanza garckeana fruit pulp on hormonal profiles, spermiogram and antioxidant activities in rabbit bucks

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