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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 24 (1)-2016

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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 24 (1)-2016


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  • Alternative and enriched housing systems for breeding does: a review
  • Comparison of productive and carcass traits and economic value of lines selected for different criteria, slaughtered at similar weights
  • Use of high concentrations of carbon dioxide for stunning rabbits reared for meat production
  • Patterns of body condition use and its impact on fertility
  • Study of failures in a rabbit line selected for growth rate
  • An LPS based method to stimulate the inflammatory response in growing rabbits
  • Short communication: effect of saccharomyces cerevisiae supplementation on some biomarkers of oxidative stress in weaned rabbits during the hot-dry season
  • Technical note: concentration and composition of airborne aerobic bacteria inside an enclosed rabbit shed
  • Effect of diet supplementation with live yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) on performance of rabbit does and their progenies

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