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Revista de Teledetección - Núm. 43 (2015)

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Revista de Teledetección - Núm. 43 (2015)


Tabla de contenidos

  • Editorial

Research articles

  • Mapping of fuels and fire potentials in the African Continent using FCCS
  • Implications of quality filtering of Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) for ecosystem functioning monitoring
  • Study of the NDVI with multi-scale and time-series analysis using SPOT imagery during the period 1998-2012 in Uruguay
  • Monitoring the latent and sensible heat fluxes in vineyard by applying the energy balance model METRIC
  • Towards a long-term dataset of ELBARA-II measurements assisting SMOS level-3 land product and algorithm validation at the Valencia Anchor Station
  • Change detection in land use from unsupervised classifications for updating SIOSE. Implementation in Galicia

Practical cases

  • Description and extraction of urban fragmentation indices: The Indifrag tool
  • Application of the Mean-shift Segmentation Parameters Estimator (MSPE) to VHSR satellite images: Tetuan-Morocco

Doctoral theses

  • Extraction of shorelines with sub-pixel precision from Landsat images (TM, ETM+, OLI)

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