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Applied General Topology - Vol 04, No 2 (2003)

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Applied General Topology - Vol 04, No 2 (2003)


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  • Multivalued function spaces and Atsuji spaces
  • Unusual and bijectively related manifolds
  • Transitivity of hereditarily metacompact spaces
  • Extensions of closure spaces
  • Quasi-pseudometric properties of the Nikodym-Saks space
  • Closure properties of function spaces
  • Locally convex approach spaces
  • A short note on hit-and-miss hyperspaces
  • A better framework for first countable spaces
  • Bounded point evaluations for cyclic Hilbert space operators
  • Five different proofs of extraresolvability of countable totally bounded groups
  • Groups with a small set of generators
  • Developable hyperspaces are metrizable
  • Orderability and continuous selections for Wijsman and Vietoris hyperspaces
  • Paths in hyperspaces
  • Hyperconvergences
  • Bombay hypertopologies
  • Graph topologies on closed multifunctions
  • n-Tuple relations and topologies on function spaces
  • A note on separation in AP
  • Some properties of the containing spaces and saturated classes of spaces
  • Density topology and pointwise convergence

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