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Revista de Teledetección - Núm. 48 (2017)

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Revista de Teledetección - Núm. 48 (2017)


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Research articles

  • Carbon use efficiency variability from MODIS data
  • Estimation of grassland biophysical parameters in a “dehesa” ecosystem from field spectroscopy and airborne hyperspectral imagery
  • Estimation of real evapotranspiration (ETR) and potential evapotranspiration (ETP) in the southwest of the Buenos Aires Province (Argentina) using MODIS images
  • Temporal-space characterization of satellite sea surface temperature in tourist destinations: Partido de la Costa, Pinamar and Villa Gesell, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Land use classification from Sentinel-2 imagery
  • Estimation of structural attributes of walnut trees based on terrestrial laser scanning

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