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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 18 (2)-2010

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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 18 (2)-2010


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  • Diet digestibility in growing rabbits: effect of origin and oxidation level of dietary fat and vitamin e supplementation.
  • Evaluation of the anticoccidial efficacy of Cycostat® in experimentally infected breeding rabbits housed under conventional conditions.
  • Milk production of pseudopregnant multiparous does.
  • Detection of plant species-specific dna (barley and soybean) in blood, muscle tissue, organs and gastrointestinal contents of rabbit.
  • Maternal behaviour in peripartum influences preweaning kit mortality in cage-bred wild rabbits.
  • Haematological and biochemical observations in four pure breeds of rabbits and their crosses under Egyptian environmental conditions.
  • Descriptive characterization of a nigerian heterogeneous rabbit population - factors affecting litter traits.

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