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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 16 (3)-2008

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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 16 (3)-2008


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  • Semen evaluation of two selected lines of rabbit bucks.
  • Effect of the photoperiod on the glutamate level in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of pregnant and non-pregnant rabbits.
  • Dietary grape pomace affects lipid peroxidation and antioxidative status in rabbit semen.
  • Genetic selection of maternal lines and digestive efficiency in rabbits: long term selection for litter size at weaning versus hyper selection for reproductive longevity.
  • Hot climate effects and their amelioration on some productive and reproductive traits in rabbit does.
  • Effect of Tiamulin or Rescue-kit® on diet utilisation, growth and carcass yield of growing rabbits.

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