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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 14 (1)-2006

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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 14 (1)-2006


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  • Application of rabbits in biomedical research: a review.
  • Nutritive value of dehydrated whole maize plant and its effect on performance and carcass characteristics of rabbits.
  • Effects of dietary protein reduction during weaning on the performance of does and suckling rabbits.
  • Technical note: Health status and growth performance of rabbits fed diets with different starch level during the post-weaning period.
  • Prevalence of trichobezoars in Angora rabbits in sub-temperate Himalayan conditions.
  • Variations in plasma matrix metalloproteinases and placental pregnancy - associated glycoproteins during gestation in rabbits
  • Abstracts of the Feeding and Nutrition section presented during the "8th World Rabbit Congress".

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