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Applied General Topology - Vol 24, No 1 (2023)

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Applied General Topology - Vol 24, No 1 (2023)


Tabla de contenidos

  • Selection principles and bitopological hyperspaces
  • Fixed points which belong to the set of unit values of a suitable function on fuzzy metric spaces
  • Good coverings of proximal Alexandrov spaces. Path cycles in the extension of the Mitsuishi-Yamaguchi good covering and Jordan Curve Theorems
  • Digital semicovering and digital quasicovering maps
  • Uniformly refinable maps
  • C(X) determines X - an inherent theory
  • Proper spaces are spectral
  • Best proximity point for q-ordered proximal contraction in noncommutative Banach spaces
  • On setwise betweenness
  • A counter example on a Borsuk conjecture
  • Common fixed point results for a generalized ( ψ, φ )-rational contraction
  • Interpolative contractions and discontinuity at fixed point
  • Hybrid topologies on the real line
  • New results regarding the lattice of uniform topologies on C(X)
  • Concrete functors that respect initiality and finality
  • Τ-quasi-Cauchy spaces - a non-symmetric theory of completeness and completion
  • Some network-type properties of the space of G-permutation degree

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