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Virtual Archaeology Review - Vol 07, No 14 (2016)

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Virtual Archaeology Review - Vol 07, No 14 (2016)


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  • Management of built heritage via HBIM Project: A case of study of flooring and tiling
  • Conveying Cappadocia. A new representation model for rock-cave architecture by contour lines and chromatic codes
  • Digital 3D reconstruction of Agustin de Betancourt's historical heritage: the machine for cutting grass in waterways
  • Digital non-metric image-based documentation for the preservation and restoration of mural paintings: the case of the Üzümlü Rock-hewn Church, Turkey
  • Petroglyphs documentary retrieval and 3D reconstruction of the Dolmen corridor at Cubillejo de Lara, Burgos
  • Roman viticulture analysis based on Latin agronomists and the application of a geographic information system in lower Guadalquivir
  • Multimedia and cultural heritage: a discussion for the community involved in children's heritage edutainment and serious games in the 21st century

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