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Revista de Teledetección - Núm. 44 (2015)

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Revista de Teledetección - Núm. 44 (2015)


Tabla de contenidos

  • Editorial

Research articles

  • Urban expansión of the Valencia Metropolitan Area during the period 1984-2011 from Landsat TM and ETM+ imagery
  • ASTER L1B satellite data applied to geothermal in Cuba
  • Utilization of satellite images to study the thermal distribution in different soil covers in Bahia Blanca city (Argentina)
  • 2.5D images based on reflectance information for the interpretation of architectural heritage

Practical cases

  • Analysis of cross-validation methods for robust retrieval of biophysical parameters
  • Cartography of flood hazard by overflowing rivers using hydraulic modeling and geographic information system: Oued El Harrach case (North of Algeria)
  • Determination of agricultural land use: incidence of atmospheric corrections and the implementation in multi-sensor and multi-temporal images

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