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Virtual Archaeology Review - Vol 07, No 15 (2016)

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Virtual Archaeology Review - Vol 07, No 15 (2016)


Tabla de contenidos

  • Technical study of Germolles’ wall paintings: the input of imaging technique
  • Unveiling Damnatio Memoriae. The use of 3D digital technologies for the virtual reconstruction of archaeological finds and artefacts
  • Development of a platform recommending 3D and spectral digitisation strategies
  • BIM Open Source Software (OSS) for the documentation of cultural heritage
  • 3D visibility analysis as a tool to validate ancient theatre reconstructions: the case of the large Roman theatre of Gortyn
  • 3D visualization tools to explore ancient architectures in South America
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of HDR tone-mapping operators for photogrammetric applications
  • Virtual reassembly and completion of a fragmentary drinking vessel
  • From the archaeological record to ArchaeoBIM: the case study of the Etruscan temple of Uni in Marzabotto
  • Digital Segusio: from models generation to urban reconstruction
  • Some notes on the digitalization and the virtual reconstruction of San Chuis Hillfort (Allande, Asturias, Spain)
  • Exploring Three-js library possibilities for the dissemination of cultural heritage projects
  • 3D virtual reconstruction of the choir of the Convent of Santa Clara in Toro (Zamora): recovering a medieval space of female devotion through photogrammetric recording and rendering techniques

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