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The EuroCALL Review - Vol 20, No 02 (2012)

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The EuroCALL Review - Vol 20, No 02 (2012)


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  • Pedagogic Corpora for Content and Language Integrated Learning. Insights from the BACKBONE Project

Recommended website

  • Vivre en Aquitaine: pedagogy, audience, design

Research paper

  • SMS as a learning tool: an experimental study
  • Comparing vocabulary learning of EFL learners by using two different strategies: mobile learning vs. flashcards
  • A set of free cross-platform authoring programs for flexible web-based CALL exercises
  • The Use of Digital Storytelling for ESP in a Technical English Course for Aerospace Engineers
  • The Challenges of Blended Learning: Critically Evaluating the Chinese Language Case
  • English in class and on the go: Multimodal u-Learning

Recommended courseware

  • Learning through Sharing: Open Resources, Open Practices, Open Communication: Teacher Education and Computer-Mediated Communication SIGs joint event

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