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Working Papers on Operations Management - Vol. 08 (Special Issue)-2017

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Working Papers on Operations Management - Vol. 08 (Special Issue)-2017


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  • Comparison of different ways of computing grades in continuous assessment into the final grade
  • Cross learning synergies between Operation Management content and the use of generic analytic tools
  • The impact of Flipped Classroom on the motivation and learning of students in Operations Management
  • Creation of Didactic Materials for Dissertation in Supply Chain Management
  • Design and implementation of an ERP platform as practice environment for learning in Operations Management
  • An analysis of the causes of Master's Thesis dropouts
  • Ddi Tool: A serious game for the development of competences of graduate and postgraduate students in the Operations Management environment
  • Reinforcing University-Companies Ties: Implementation of the “Specialist Programme in Operations Management and Lean 6 Sigma” in response to the training requirements of industry
  • Teaching experience of application of Kaizen in a company
  • Encouraging contact with the business world through the final year project: an ex-perience applied to the outsourcing field
  • Evaluation of teaching: some reflections
  • Socrative: A tool to dinamyze the classroom
  • Teamwork dynamics analysis as a teaching resource in operations management courses
  • Playing in Operations Management
  • A new way to learn. The use of an app (BLUNDER) to manage knowledge with higher education students
  • Learning experience using an app in Bachelor Degree
  • Evaluating the impact of ERP systems on SC performance with ISM
  • Managerial competencies in Operations Management
  • Starting Point on the Development of Environemental Risk Management Compe-tences: experiential learning
  • Presentation of Energy and Services Companies (Escos) Observatory in Spain
  • Protocol: validation of the INCODE barometer to measure the innovation compe-tence through the Rasch Measurement Theory
  • Experiences of teaching innovation for the consolidation of a R&D&I culture
  • A comprehensive framework for optimising the effects of inverse logistics practices in SC sustainability
  • Teaching innovation system applied in business management subjects.
  • A first approximation to the SPOCs-FC in the context of the Supply Chain Management
  • Learning to Teach Lean Management through Games: Systematic Literature Review
  • The Service-Learning methodology applied to Operations Management: From the Operations Plan to business start up.
  • A proposal for a course of Operations Management for the Degree in Electronics and Automatic
  • Implementation of a Gamification Platform in a Master Degree (Master in Economics)
  • Action Research Projects: one step ahead in the researcher-practitioner relationships

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