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Applied General Topology - Vol 23, No 2 (2022)

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Applied General Topology - Vol 23, No 2 (2022)


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  • Dynamics of induced mappings on symmetric products, some answers
  • A Urysohn lemma for regular spaces
  • Partial actions of groups on hyperspaces
  • On the group of homeomorphisms on R: A revisit
  • The largest topological ring of functions endowed with the m-topology
  • C*-algebra valued quasi metric spaces and fixed point results with an application
  • Cardinal invariants and special maps of quasicontinuous functions with the topology of pointwise convergence
  • On set star-Lindelöf spaces
  • Results about S2-paracompactness
  • Zariski topology on the spectrum of fuzzy classical primary submodules
  • The Zariski topology on the graded primary spectrum of a graded module over a graded commutative ring
  • Fixed point theorems for F- contraction mapping in complete rectangular M-metric space
  • Fixed point theorems for a new class of nonexpansive mappings
  • Fixed point results of enriched interpolative Kannan type operators with applications
  • Best proximity point (pair) results via MNC in Busemann convex metric spaces
  • Fredholm theory for demicompact linear relations
  • Remarks on fixed point assertions in digital topology, 5
  • The ε-approximated complete invariance property
  • Classical solutions for the Euler equations of compressible fluid dynamics: A new topological approach

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