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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 24 (2)-2016

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World Rabbit Science - Vol. 24 (2)-2016


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  • Effect of increased ovulation rate on embryo and foetal survival as a model for selection by ovulation rate in rabbits
  • Dietary supplementation of Digestarom® herbal formulation: effect on apparent digestibility, faecal and caecal microbial counts and live performance of growing rabbits
  • Effects of plant extracts and essential oils as feed supplements on quality and microbial traits of rabbit meat
  • Effect of turmeric powder (Curcuma longa L.) and ascorbic acid on antioxidant capacity and oxidative status in rabbit burgers after cooking
  • Carcass traits and meat quality of growing rabbits in pens with and without different multilevel platforms
  • Effect of light intensities on reproductive performance, nursing behaviour and preference of rabbit does
  • Meat physical quality and muscle fibre properties of rabbit meat as affected by the sire breed, season, parity order and gender in an organic production system
  • Studying the expression patterns of OCT4 and SOX2 proteins in regenerating rabbit ear tissue

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